Your Contract Secured. Your Payment Guaranteed.


Q: What is Uncommon Creative?

Uncommon Creative helps freelancers create digital agreements with their customers. In Uncommon Creative the users are empowered to close and enforce their agreements.

Q: I’m a freelancer, can I find a job in Uncommon Creative?

Uncommon Creative is not a job board. So you won’t find your new customers here. You may use Uncommon Creative to manage agreements, payments, schedules and (if shit happens) disputes.

Q: So what? Is this better than Upwork or Fiverr?

We are not a job marketplace, but if you are a freelancer and you bring your client, we help create the proper agreements that prevent bad behaviour or negligence. This keeps out bad payers and bad freelancers and will grow a community of serious professionals. Our platform does not dictate the conditions or retain the money without justification. Our dispute resolution is based on a community of high profile experts with domain knowledge and payments are unlocked based on milestone achieved by means of a smart contract.

Q: How are freelancers and clients empowered by Uncommon Creative? 

Managing client expectations can be hard, and getting the deserved pay at due time can be hard too. Upfront payments are a solution that customers hardly accept because they feel disempowered. On the other hand working without any cautionary deposit puts the freelancer in a very weak position. Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr provide some sort of escrow mechanism but unfortunately disputes are often solved at expense of the freelancer. Such platforms are skewed towards customers because they are the source of their income.

On the other hand, Uncommon Creative manages payments with an escrow encoded in blockchain and with multi approval wallets. In case of disputes a subject matter expert will play the role of Arbitrator and will find a favourable exit for both parties. In the worst scenario the funds are split into refund and payment depending on the expert assessment.

Q: Who are the arbitrators?

Arbitrators are subject matter experts with high reputation in the field and with records of previous arbitrages.

Q: Is my money safe? 

When you close a deal with a customer, the latter is required to pay the first milestone upfront (there can be many milestones). The funds are not collected in our bank account but they are sent to a multi approval wallet in the blockchain. So nobody can take the funds without the consent of the other parties. For the most common case, a multi approval wallet can unlock funds with the approval of two out of three parties, where the parties involved are the customer, the freelancer and the appointed arbitrator.

Q: What are digital sureties?

For some business critical projects, clients may require a cautionary deposit to cover any potential loss caused by early termination or misconduct of the freelancer. Such deposits can be deposited directly by the freelancer or, on his behalf, by one or more small investors who want to take the risk in exchange for a fee. Funds are locked in the blockchain and released back when the work is done, or if the misconduct is documented, sent to the customer as indemnification. You want to know more about digital sureties? Please drop a line to

Q: What is the UC ecosystem?

Uncommon Creative will enable an ecosystem for:

  • Clients feel their agreement secured and guaranteed against misconduct
  • Freelancers have no worries about delayed payments, money is already paid by customers and temporarily locked until work is done
  • Guilds. Freelancers can join together in guilds to create digital districts with a common brand and high reputation.
  • Subject matter experts get paid for their arbitration role 
  • Small investors can back-up a cautionary deposit for large deals getting a passive income for taking this risk

Participants in the ecosystem can increase their reputation, which is calculated by the successful transactions registered in the blockchain, so no central authority can manipulate reputation.

Digital agreements can be verified by anyone with cryptography and, once deployed, nobody can manipulate their execution. Everything is transparent, immutable and available to all for consultation because this is what a blockchain does.